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Ericsson-LG Self-Study

Ericsson-LG - iPECS UCP Basic Self-Study Course

The iPECS UCP Basic Self-Study course presents the same material as the class room based iPECS UCP Basic Course.

  • Length: No set time (but if you are borrowing one of our training kits, there is a 3 week loan period)
  • Price: There is no cost for this course
  • Note: You will need access to a UCP with UCS standard licensing which is required (Our UCP training kits are okay for this)

Course eligibility:
Self-Study courses are restricted to current Ericsson-LG partners within New Zealand, or by arrangement with one of our Ericsson-LG Account Reps.

Full course information is available here

The Self-Study certification is achieved following a successful verbal assessment over phone with a course facilitator. Please email  to arrange this.

Course Access:
For course bookings and interest Register here